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Generation of R$ 30 million for Heineken


When Kirin Brewery acquired Schincariol in 2011, Juan Maiko was allocated on two projects within this M&A process that resulted in Brazil Kirin (now Heineken). One of the projects aimed at generating revenues and cash from analyzes of management reports, inventories and PP&E physical inspections – it was two actions of Juan in this project:

  1. Discovery and proposal to the property dismemberment of Itu-SP plant. Since 2004 this region is being targeted by real estate developments (horizontal condominiums). Only this dismemberment meant a PP&E sale of almost R$ 11 million, which was added to other R$ 19 million PP&E sales.
  2. Environmental Safety Area proposed and approved by the then CEO and security manager, for the odors and sounds dissipation of the factory.

More life quality and productivity at Unilever


The creation of the 4th work time schedule was the result of studies of Juan Maiko, who was only 24 years old. Juan’s proposal was accepted because it favored at the same time the production maximization on weekdays and employees’ days off on weekends. In 2002, the Brazilian headquarters and the chemical workers’ union approved the implementation of this work time schedule. Know how it was:

  1. While working on the manufacturing work time schedule, Juan was inserted into one of the three existing ones. Inquiring other employees, he saw that by mathematics and logic (and MS Excel) it was possible to reallocate the days off of the closed 21-day cycle – since days off and work days varied for three weeks and then repeated over the next three weeks, and so on.
  2. Faced with this Juan drafted memoranda, discussed with the factory’s PLR commission (of which he was a member), met with his coordinator and had his proposal accepted on the executive committee of the Indaiatuba-SP soap factory.

Creation of 58 KPIs for COO’s Dashboard


In 2011, Juan Maiko designed a proposal, sold it, trained a team of 6 assistants and delivered a process review project and development of 58 KPIs for the Chief Operations Officer dashboard.

The dashboard would be configured by TOTVS ERP and BI. The scope involved more than 10 departments, 7 factories, 10 big4 consultants and more than R$ 500 thousand.


Blood Type C of Coach project endorsed by Natura

Blood donation is a practice of Juan Maiko since he was 19, when he began donating blood and platelets regularly. So far, there have been over 100 donations. In 2015, he extended this social commitment to Proseado and created the Blood Type C of Coach project, whose focus is to foster this act of solidarity in Proseado clients: by donating blood, they earn bonus consulting hours.

Discovering that Natura (cosmetics Brazilian leader) had a program to support social initiatives of its clients, Juan managed to have its project recognized as innovative. See here the project hotsite.